Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Text extract Frequency by Jennifer K Dick for Buffet Gare SBB Basel

Texte by Jennifer K Dick. Mise en espace sur les 4 fenêtres du Buffet intérieur, Gare SBB Basel.
Text by Jennifer K Dick, on the subject or urban space and how it reflects us. What are we reaching towards? This text is sliced up and reflected back at passersby in the inside of the Buffet at the Gare SBB, Basel.

▪ ▪ ▪

It could have been mine   (yours)   this face
(faced in)   (to face up to)   features appear
(their – our – my appearances)    (he?  his?)
To discover   (self)   (other)   for the first
(belatedly)   time    the name   (face)   (visual
image of)   and the age old in the instant   (insistence)
eclipsed   (upon)   familiarity   (sift through your / her
memories)   hands out   (handout)   the second   (sand)   filters
through   (between)   covers   (caressing)   your fingers
(recognition?)   an hourglass, a nugget   (this boulder?)
It might have gone   (other)   (self)   (grounding)   elsewhere
slithering   (he?—source of cognition)   (these moments)   names
resounding,  a glob   (a globe)    cast back   (out)   (forth)
to where stone-gold   (a pebble)   is milled to   (then dust)
dusk where   (it should have been)   evidence   (She
in the   (dis)appearances)   is familiarity, family   (a precocious)
knowledge of   (a knowing)   patent   (parental)
lineage   (sounding board)   dug up in the   (retrospective)
reflection   (panning outwards for)   (towards)