Friday, December 16, 2016

16 images = 16 word groups, after the series of photos by Christine Zufferey

a blank — a way

the decomposed body  — seedpod greening

round — churn (ed) (ing)

split liberty — anti-conscientious revising

rubious leafblush — tailstem autumn dragon

a voyage not taken  — double indicators along the magnetic line (to)

brusque — spiny — arcades where lovers past are waiting

l  — loosened / leftover / lingering  — needlepoint of noose

claw — mark  — linguistic sign

bone  — a button

snowapple    ovarian pomegranate

footless astronaut  — hangman

brush — claw  — saw-edge   blue —  beige  — black

color test  — for patriotic nationalism in the landscape of Mondrian

false valentine  — disgraced plastic daisy

steel token over olive wood  — synergy

Note: the photos by Christine Zufferey are connected by a thick green line painted on the wall. They hold together, are tied, linked, and yet their connections to each other raise more questions than answers. From that arose this associative word-image exercise, keeping the long dashes as a kind of parallel to her green line.

Esther Hiepler’s photos are on display at The Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel, until 8 January 2017.
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