Saturday, December 10, 2016

Postcard 2 for Esther Hiepler

After 4 photos by Esther Hiepler
Jennifer K Dick

There is nothing like jealousy in an arboretum. Pink drapery of flowers, seed pods drooping from spindly branches outside on the tree whose miniscule tufts of green leaves sprout out thin, untrimmed branches. Trunk curving as if unable to support the blank white of windowless wall, smooth protrusion of stone air grates, or that darker tree’s purple leaves grouping into a dense canopy shading a corner where a summer stroller might take a break from the heat. Grates, thick mesh extensions, inhale and exhale. Someone perceives the waft of a soft perfume, the caress of another season just now, on the other side. Time unhindered.

Esther Hiepler’s photos are on display at The Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel, until 8 January 2017.
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