Thursday, December 1, 2016

La Texte(ure) de la ville par Jennifer K Dick, affiché dans la vitrine, face droite, Buffet extérieur, Gare SBB Basel

La Texte(ure) de la ville :
Comes to me in a dream,  it is dark grey, face pressed flat against a glass surface, the cold of steel hoisting me up, the wind which caresses lightly my façade, the steps over rough paving stones scratching my shoes smooth day by day by day, my shins, my son’s shins, we are falling now and the dream is of fair-time cotton candy big as clouds, brightly lit rides thrusting teens loudly into the sky where they spin high above rooftops, drums low rumble at 4am mid-winter as I touch my palm to their reflective surface and wait for this version of me to  molt into the next as one generation of architects, urban planners, landscape architects, city councilmen, citizens, immigrants, residents, visionaries replace the next and reinvent me-this city. 

(text written after reading Olivier Mongin's "La Condition Urbaine", Seuil/Points, 2005. In particular the sections "les villes de l'écrivain..." and "Espace mental, cosa mentale")