Tuesday, December 27, 2016

After the installation « Surfaces » by Maria Tackmann (English version)

This room is a rectangle of rectangles
Abandoned frames like exoskeletons
Glass fonts reflect the ceiling’s spine
Study of some universe enclosed
Point of one: a map
Holes punched through paper
Indicate the precise position of a star
Exploratorium beneath cement neuronetworks
Structures recollect textures
Braille of forgotten cityscapes
In this U-turn south-facing niche
Two lines: orbital pathways?
Calculated conjectures?
Intercept points on an invisible grid?
Echography of the sky tipped sideways
Patterned windowgraphic e.e.g. vibrations
A reading as in a readiness for
Changes (transformations) on / in one
Planetary surface of the mined field
Step (look) lightly beyond this bandwidth
Messages in this cartographic installation

MariaTackmann’s “Surfaces” is on display at La Kunsthalle-Mulhouse until January 8, 2017. 
This text is also dedicated to Shilpa Reddy, the reader of EEGs: of lines that lead to lines in this text.