Thursday, December 15, 2016

POSTCARD 4 after 4 photos by Esther Hiepler

(I feel a sad) emptiness (here)
Jennifer K Dick

If I look into (through) you looking (through) into me (looking) through the split wires the scintillating reflections of (your) ceilings I can’t (be) (see) become solid enough to (support) breach this wall (missing you) taken aback by (my question, I) the I-beam exposed clipped lamp (was just wandering) near something (mechanized, I) overtaken (aglow) was just looking (through a) past (a passive) opening (you) looking into (me) splinters, brick, cement (seeing) plaster drying in this (abandoned bucket) re-construction (definition) of the scenic.

Esther Hiepler’s photos are on display at The Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel, until 8 January 2017.
For more, see Esther Hiepler's home site: or