Thursday, December 22, 2016

Looking at Viola Korosi and Mathieu Husson's (Heim)Void 00

Door                   of                      ing                some
with                   win                     /                  thing
in                       dows                 ent                 o
a                        of                      pat                ver
door                   which                terns              writes
with                   3                       re                   (loops)
in                       white                peat                us
...                        /                     (lives)             (keep
18                      dif                     re                   ing)
rows                  fer                     peat                up

Mathieu Husson and Viola Korosi's (Heim)Void 00 (photo with ballpoint pen work on it) is currently on display at la Kunsthalle-Mulhouse until 8 January 2017. Image which set this little text into motion is also on her website at: