Friday, December 30, 2016

Cut-up for Maximilian Arnold

The city (a semi-thick armature) in summer along the yellow center rapids over wrench in the wall, here, enumerate a floorline along which dust (chalk) likened to a baby blue tree branch in a train in a Mini driven through (here) not to orbit the bird he strode by completed on the wall one air cane extends left I follow the cumulous attention to an urban landscape when suddenly up thick your shoes the bottom too far to the massive look afar to see features of ongoing cerulean still-green riverwinding uneven footholds of water, ruins towards urges from lacquered we, stand, we, walk, has fallen on pollen from a rat, mouse or long-clawed print, believe in the drawing after of graffiti-workers tumbling through coat racks swing winter from the insect within meticulous strolling through to the growing extra-terrestrial layer with a double toy tractor: has to be the tripartite trail which spells me / them in the night an element toned, four hanging single bars opine towards the trail of the imagined you are paved, walk, wave feet kicking dust covers keys cling to papers wandered along to your left matching the blue or to be hung on a bluer tree turning towards a city in the earth (France), meanwhile cement fissures something, ponders the scrape of well-rounded layers of cobalt tints your arm your trousers your back turned to the white wind wall emptied off-base urban.

Maximilian Arnold's giant baby blue chalk mural as well as 3 other multimedia works are on display at Kunsthaus-Baselland, Basel, until January 8, 2017.  For other work by Maximilian Arnold, see his website at: